KYOTO style Ramen

Shoyu Ramen

Double soup blended with animal-based and fish-based.
Soy sauce flavored noodle
Mdeium size  ¥700

Soy sauce flavored noodle

with slices of roast pork

 and Gold leaf!! 

Soy sauce flavored noodle

with slices of roast pork.

Only 10 daily!! 

Dandan Noodle

Szechuan Sesame Hot&Spicy Soup.

Only 10 daily!!

Tonkotsu Ramen

Ramen in a white,rich,pork based soup.

Only 10 daily!! 

Cold Ramen is a cold Japanese dish with Chinese noodles and various toppings.

Summer season(from Jun to Aug) only!!

Vegetable Ramen

Without any animal products except

egg noodle and boiled egg!!


Chicken curry marinated in yogurt.

Vegetable curry made with seasonal vegetables. 

temporarily closed

RAMEN KAZU Kinkakuji

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603-8363 Japan


Open time
AM 11:00〜PM 3:30
 Irregular holidays

Ramen bae!

We apologize for the inconvinience.

I am working alone almost every day. 

Thaks for your understanding.


I am serving ASAP!

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